Freezer Packs & Special Orders

Our freezer packs are the perfect way to stock your freezer with some savings.  We will put every effort into accommodating special requests for that special occasion you are planning.  Please contact the Ranch for current pricing and availability.

Large Freezer Pack

Weight roughly equals ¼ of a prime bison

5 Bison Roasts (approx 2lbs each)
Sirloin Tip, Inside Round, Rump
14 Bison Steaks
Tenderloin (2), New York (4), Ribeye (2), Sirloin (4), Minute steak (2)
10 Bison Stewing meat (1lb pkgs)
18 Extra Lean Ground Bison (1lb pkgs)
10 Bison Pattie pkgs (4x4oz patties/pkg)

Family Pack

Approximately 23 pounds of meat

3 Bison Roasts (approx 2lbs)
Inside Round & Rump
8 Bison Steaks
New York (4) & Sirloin (4)
3 Bison Stewing meat (1lb pkgs)
4 Extra Lean Ground Bison (1lb pkgs)
4 Bison Pattie pkgs (4x4oz patties/pkg)

Steak Package

Approximately a dozen bison steaks sure to satisfy the taste buds. Makeup of package dependent on current inventory of steaks.

Ribeye, Striploin, Sirloin, Minute steak, Flank

Custom Packages and orders

Don’t see what you want please contact the Ranch about custom bulk orders and special ordering of custom cuts.  We will try to accommodate special requests as much as we can.


*Exact make-up of packages may vary depending on availability of cuts. Pricing and/or contents of packages are subject to change without notice.

Custom Cut Carcass Orders

Wholes or Sides                    
Front quarter       
Hind quarter        

Bison come directly from the ranch.  The bison are all harvested by a small local Government Inspected Abattoir. Bison are in prime age and all of the meat is fresh, vacuum packed and flash frozen to ensure quality. 

**Please contact Ranch for current pricing.


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