Our Ranch

The ranch runs on two properties for a total of 420 acres available for the bison to roam.  The ranch ‘out west’, as I call it, is home to the breeding herd and sits on the edge of the boreal forest.  It is also home to a whole host of critters such as deer, moose, coyotes, beaver and a multitude of birds and small mammals. A black bear also calls my property home and a cougar passes through every once in a while to check things out.  The bison live in quiet harmony with this environment and yet they come to greet me at the gate when I come to check on them regularly.

The ‘home’ place is a quarter section 40 km south west of Edmonton, Alberta and it is home to the bison calves after they are weaned from their mothers at 10 months of age.  It is nestled on the edge of the North Saskatchewan River and is home to the other ranch animals such as the dogs, horses and cats..