Pillars of Production

I am a student of holistic management.  A good friend, mentor and fellow bison producer once said “you are in the business of growing grass. Bison are the tool you use to achieve healthy soil and grass.”  That stuck with me and ecological sustainability is a core philosophy to my production system.  The following four philosophies are the cornerstones of my production system.

Ecological Sustainability

Wildlife habitat – Maintaining an environment for nature to thrive
Healthy grasslands – Promoting healthy rangeland through rotational grazing
Clean water – Limiting livestock access to natural water sources and wetlands



Species Preservation

Bison bison bison – North American Plains bison
Habitat preservation – Utilizing native grass species in pasture establishment
Natural production practices – Natural instincts and behaviours of the bison guide production practices on the ranch


Ethical Production Practices

Minimal stress handling – Keeping handling to a minimum and taking the time it takes
Healthy herd – Achieved by quality care and nutrition
Natural production cycle – Bison raised without the use of antibiotics and administered growth stimulants.

Quality Consumer Experience

Bison meat – Produced in a manner to ensure flavour and tenderness
Uncompromised customer satisfaction – Matching ethical and moral principles with food production.
Human experience – From the ranch directly to your family with passion and pride.