Our Bison

At any given point in time there are approximately 120 bison on the ranch.  This ranch is dedicated to raising pure plains bison (Bison bison bison) and they roam on 320 acres of grassland on the edge of the boreal forest West of Edmonton, Alberta.  The breeding herd is made up of 50 bison cows with two breeding bulls. Calves arrive in April and May of each year and spend the summer and winter romping around the fields under the watchful eye of their mothers.  Calves are weaned during the annual round-up which happens in February.  Once weaned, the calves are tagged and moved to the home ranch where they’re free to graze to their hearts content.

The bison are raised and managed in a manner to preserve as much of their natural instincts and behaviors as my ranching situation will allow. My production practices are guided by the bison’s needs and the needs of the land which creates an environment that fosters ecological diversity and preserves the bison as a species.